Tomasz Zarycki

Professor and Director
University of Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz  Zarycki is professor  and  director  of  Robert  Zajonc  Institute  for  Social  Studies  at  the University  of  Warsaw,  Poland. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology and a “habilitation” degree from the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His main fields of interest  include  the  sociology  of  politics,  culture,  knowledge  and  memory  as  well  as  social  and political geography of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on Poland and Russia. He works mainly in the paradigm of critical sociology, relational, in particular, inspired  by  the  works  of  Pierre  Bourdieu.  His  research  focuses  on  the  issues  of  elites,  political cleavages  in  Poland  and other  countries  of  Central  and  Eastern  Europe,  theory  of  discourse,  as well as concepts of cultural and social capital.Hislatest book in English is Ideologies of Eastness in Central and EasternEurope (Routledge, 2014).